Vincent Taing

(Honestly nothing really fancy, here)

Software engineer, in San Francisco from Paris.

JavaScript ES6 React Redux Webpack Express.js Git UX/UI Agile

Previously, I've worked for these startups :

And thankfully they were happy to work with me...

"Vincent has been a very motivated intern, never afraid to learn new skills. He has a great logic when it comes to coding that he keeps improving day after day. Also, he has a high standard in mind for his work which is essential to me in order to become a good engineer. That's why I can speak highly of him and say that he's on the way to become a very good engineer".

Pierre Dulac, CTO of

"Vincent was an excellent element of our team. He can quickly be operational within the team and understand all product aspects (tech, customer needs, etc.). Most of all, I appreciated his enthusiasm. I highly recommend him.".

Chloé Julien, founder of BandSquare

Also, I have studied at :